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Understanding WGAWP Local Rules

The WGAWP establishes local rules that comply with the USGA standards for competition.  Rule 33-8 provides that “A Rule of Golf must not be waived by a Local Rule”.  Some member clubs have instituted local rules that do not comply with the rules of golf and consequently are not used for WGAWP competitions.

The most frequent situation is dropping zones associated to water hazards.  Drop areas are permitted when they are placed in an area that is consistent with the relief options under Rule 26, that is, the dropping zone should be located in an area which requires the player to negotiate the water hazard with the next stroke.  Some clubs, to help with pace of play, provide drop areas on the other side of the hazard.  These drop areas are NOT used by the WGAWP in our competitions.  See Decisions Book 33-8/2 for specific denial of such local rules. 

Other examples of local rules not used by the WGAWP for competitions include allowance for placement of ball in drop area rather than the dropping of ball; relief for a lateral hazard that extends beyond the two club length allowance; and dropping of a ball on other side of an immovable obstruction.

For WGAWP competitions, the WGAWP provides local rules that are in effect for our event.  See the Course Information provided at the competition.  Course Information Forms are also available on the Website under Membership, Member Clubs, Course Information Docs.