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WGAWP Tie Break Procedure

WGAWP Tie Breaker Procedure:

In the event of a tie where a playoff is not specified, the WGAWP follows the USGA recommended procedure for resolving ties.  The winner is determined based on the best score for the last nine holes (holes 10-18) regardless of the starting tee.  If the tying players have the same score for the last nine, determine the winner on the basis of the last six (holes 13-18), then the last three holes (holes 16-18).  If still tied, determine the winner using a sudden death playoff starting with the 18th hole working backwards to the 1st hole.

Allocation of Handicap Strokes for NET Tie Breakers:

When Handicap Stroke Table Not Relevant (Individual stroke play, Scramble, Chapman):

For net competitions where the handicap stroke table is not relevant  when the last nine, last six, last three hole scenario is used, one-half, one third, or one sixth,  of the handicaps are deducted from the score for those holes, rounding up fractions of .5 or higher.   

If a reverse sudden death playoff is required to determine the net winner, allocate the handicap strokes as assigned for the competition (based on handicap stroke table).

When Handicap Stroke Table Is Relevant (Better Ball, Best 2-of-4, Triple Sixes, Stableford):

In competitions where the handicap stroke table is relevant, handicap strokes are taken as assigned for the competition.