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Committee Info and Rosters

WGAWP Committees

The WGAWP is an organization run by volunteers and relies on many of our members who are participating on one or more of our committees.  The members are thanked for their time and efforts in participating and/or leading these efforts.

The WGAWP has the following Committees to support our mission and annual events:

  • By Laws
  • Delegates
  • Handicap
  • Juniors
  • Junior Scholarship 
  • Long Range Planning
  • Nominating
  • Prize
  • Standing Rules
  • Team
  • Tournament 
  • Technology

In addition, the WGAWP maintains relationships with other golfing organizations through our participation in those organizations:

  • Pennsylvania State Golf Association
  • Western Pennsylvania Golf Association

Access to Committee Information

The sub-tabs below the Committee tab provide more information on each Committee including participants.  However, you must be logged in to your NGIN Account to get this information.  If your userid is not displayed in the upper left above the WGAWP logo, you are NOT logged in.