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Website Helpful Hints

Two Login Accounts - NGIN and Event Registration

Western members need TWO login accounts!  

The WGAWP website provides general information about the organization, membership, and events is provided.  Many pages, however, are "private" and only accessible with a login specific to the website. 

To register for tournaments and A Days, members must have a current profile/account linked to a GHIN number. This login gives members access to the registration portal for our golf events. 


Website (NGIN) Login

Members can view much of the WGAWP site without logging into their NGIN account.  This is the information that is available to the general public.  However, to view and use private areas of the website, members must be logged into their NGIN account.  These areas include a membership roster, committee information and an area to look for partners for events.

To login, look above the logo on the Home Page and select the login option.  You should have established a username and password after having registered for your annual membership.  If you did not set these up previously, click "Contact Us"  to send an email and have your account re-initiated.

When you login to your NGIN account, your username displays above our logo on the website.  You can use the "Profile" feature to provide a photo.  You can also update your email and mobile phone by going to "Account Settings".

After having logged in, check under the "About Us" and "Membership" tabs for additional pages that are now open to you. 


Use this link to connect to the West Penn Golf Association/Women's Golf Association of Western Pennsylvania registration portal.  Tap "register" to sign up for events, edit your profile or create a profile if you are a new member (you will need a GHIN number to do so).  Remember to click "remember me" to save your password!

NOTICE TO NEW MEMBERS:  Please notify President Jordan Craig-Nyiri when your have completed your profile so that she can take the final step to add your to the Western membership and grant you access to the private pages of the Western website.

Jordan Craig-Nyiri



If you have a new (or preferred) email address other than the one with which you first created your SportsEngine account to log into the WGAWP website, follow these steps to identify your primary email address:
      (1)  Log into website and select Account Settings from the dropdown
            menu next to your name in the header bar
      (2)  Click Add Email Address, add new info, click Submit.  You will
            be asked to confirm that new address.
      (3)  Check your email for the confirmation email from SportsEngine
            and click the link to confirm the email address.  You will return
            to SportsEngine.
      (4)  Click "Make Primary" under the secondary email address.  


If you have changed the email address with which you originally created your NGIN account to be able to access the Western website, follow these steps:

     1.  Click "login" above the Western logo on the home page.  
          Select "forgot password" next to the password field on the login
          screen.  This takes you to the reset page.
     2.  From the password reset page, enter your email address that you 
          used to create your SportsEngine account.  Click "send email".
          This will trigger a password reset email to you.
     3.  Check your email.  Be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you
          do not receive this in 10 minutes.  Open the email and click "reset
          my password".
     4.  Type in a new password and re-type it.  The password must be
           8 characters long and include one UPPERCASE letter, one LOWER-
           CASE letter and one SYMBOL or NUMBER.
     5.  Please record your new password.  Click "reset my password" to