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Decade by Decade

In 2022 the Women's Golf Association of Western PA celebrates our 100th Anniversary.  Over the course of the year, the Anniversary Committee will be publishing a decade-by-decade history and recap of the organization.  To help put events in perspective, our pages will include news from around the world and western PA.  Each edition will also identify a "Player of the Decade", the member who accomplished the most during those years.  You will be notified every few weeks that the next decade is available for your reading pleasure.  Click the subpages on the left to see that decade.  Hope you enjoy this lookback at our organization over the century. 

Source Material

The information provided in our decade-by-decade recap was uncovered primarily from these sources:

  • The WGAWP Accounting Book that started in 1933.
  • Our library of annual yearbooks that cover 194x - through current times with some missing years.
  • Post Gazette Archives.
  • The WGAWP Board minutes.
  • A 70th Anniversary binder.