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Open Days

Random Draw for Fox Chapel Open Day

The random draw for the Fox Chapel Open Day was conducted after close of registration on Wednesday, June 19th at 5:33 pm.  It was done through and witnessed via a Zoom screen sharing meeting.   The draw was conducted by Patti Mansfield, WGAWP Tournament Director, and witnessed by Marsha Jessup, WGAWP Team Director (ValleyBrook), Pam Keeler (Tournament Committee Member, Sewickley Heights), Erica Zappala (Delegate, Sewickley Heights) and Polly Rogeri (Tournament Committee Member, Diamond Run). 

Details of the draw are as follows:

*Total of 33 groups registered 
*25 available spots
*7 groups were board or past presidents and automatically entered 
*26 groups in the draw for 18 spots

*1-18 accepted into field 
*19-26 waitlisted in that order

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to witness future random draws, please contact Patti Mansfield at