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Annual Fall Meeting

09/16/2013, 8:45pm EDT
By Admin

Allegheny Country Club

The Annual Fall Meeting and Awards Luncheon of the Women's Golf Association of Western Pennsylvania was held at Allegheny Country Club on Wednesday October 2, 2013.  Prizes were awarded to the winners in all of the Ladies' Trophy events.

Reports were delivered by members of the Board who chaired the following committees:  Juniors (Debbie Collins), Open Days (Lesley Thomas), Team (Marian Pirih), Handicap and Rules (Corinne Lacich), Treasurer (Kathy Campbell) and Tournament (Mary Beth Morrissey).  Outgoing President Mary Mackey also presented her Executive Report.

Outgoing Board members Debbie Collins, Marian Pirih and Terry Kenneweg were recognized for their outstanding contributions this year.

The following new directors and officers were installed following a vote by eligible members of the organization:

        Mary Beth Morrissey          President
        Corinne Lacich                   Vice President
        Colleen Meyers                 Director  (Two year term)
        Joan Kelley                        Director  (Two year term)
        Mary Ellen Maher               Director  (Two year term)
        Joanne McHolme               Director  (One year term)


MIssing from photo is Colleen Meyers

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