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What's New for 2019?

03/14/2019, 12:15pm EDT
By Admin

President Christine Haythorn's message

President Christine Haythorn will address the membership at the annual Spring Meeting on April 10 at Edgewood Country Club.  Below is a preview of some of the changes, updates and additions to our organization:

-the Rules of Golf have undergone a modernization and update.  Members are encouraged to attend one of the many rules seminars being offered by Western and our partner, the West Penn Golf Association.  Please read the news item on the home page for information about locations and registration. ALL members have a responsibility to learn these changes.

-our Championship format will be expanded.  All contestants will still participate in the Bobby Cruickshank Memorial Qualifying tournament.  The Championship flight will play TWO additional rounds of medal play to determine the 54-hole winner.  All other flights will again be contested as gross Stableford.  Flight 2 will play TWO more rounds; flights 3-5 will play just one more round.  

-all members are required to post their scores in a timely fashion since, beginning in 2020, handicaps will be updated daily.    If you receive an email from our handicap chair about a missing score, you need to post that score within 48 hours to avoid having a score of par entered into your scoring record.  Please reference the news reel article about the changes to our policy.

-it's a "two-fer"!  The popular Buck Cup tournament (created in honor of past President Dr. Ann Buck) and the One and One events have merged.  The Buck Cup will now be a TEAM event whose format is one gross score and one net score of the foursome.  This year you will find this tournament listed as Buck Cup/One and One.  

-our popular afternoon Open Days now include Butler and Nemacolin in addition to Ligonier and Green Oaks

-expect to see more clothing and charms as tournament prizes including charms specific to the VIP, Lehman and Spring 2-Day!  WGAWP logo clothing will also be awarded

-several changes to rules governing team matches can be found under the Team Match tab.  If you compete on a team, please review this information

-ALL clubs are now on the GHIN system (including Valley Brook who had been the lone holdout, Welcome!)

-the "active season" for posting scores has been extended to November 15 from October 31.  This aligns us with our golf partner West Penn 

-the rain policy for tournaments is now consistent with what we use for team matches.  If unsafe weather conditions occur, there is a minimum one hour delay before a cancellation is called.  If weather forces an additional delay, that decision will be made AFTER TWO HOURS by the Committee unless representatives from the host club deem the course to be unplayable or unsafe.   PLAY MUST BE IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED DURING LIGHTNING.

Register for the Spring Meeting  on the home page of our website!


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