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Women's Golf Association of Western Pennsylvania

It is time to look forward to the 2021 WGAWP Golf Season.  Members who had registered last season can now renew for 2021. If you were not registered in 2020, please contact your club's Handicap Chair and submit an application.

Please make sure that you are logged into the website before you proceed to Registration.  You are logged in when your userid displays in the left hand corner of the screen.  You are denied access to the Registration Page if you are not logged into the website.

To proceed to Registration, press the link to the right.


Event Registration

Event Registration for Tournaments and Open Days is now open.

Please click the link above to go to the Event Registration page.

Meet Your 2021 Board

Patti Mansfield, President

Polly Rogeri, Recording Secretary

Jordan Craig-Nyiri- Director, Open Days

Karen Culley, Treasurer

Katie Miller- Director, Asst. Tournament Chair

Vicki Smith- Director, Juniors

Carol Onufro, Vice President & Tournament Chair

Kathy Smith- Director, Handicap & Membership

Laura Hilger- Director, Team

Graham scores her 7th hole in one

Claudette Graham Claims the first hole in one for the season! With an 8 iron, 120 yards on #7 at the Members Club at Marco, Hammock Bay. Congratulations!


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PAGA and PSWGA Announce Merger

New Home Page Editors

Ann Queale and Connie Thompson are the new editors of the Home Page.
Please let us know if you have any article ideas.
Contact us if you have a Hole In One.. we will post it here!

Ann Queale

Connie Thompson