• Fall Two Day-36 Hole Low Gross

    Colleen Adams, Carol Kunsman
  • Fall Two Day-36 Hole 2nd Low Gross

    Norma Efremenko, Sue Colton
  • Fall Two Day-36 Hole 3rd Low Gross

    Sharon Ammons, Danielle Proctor
  • Fall Two Day-36 Hole 4th Low Gross

    Patty Kegel, Kathy Kunschner
  • Fall Two Day-First Low Net

    Jessica Shaughnessy, Joann Weingard
  • Fall Two Day-36 Hole 2nd Low Net

    Clare Ann Scally, Varsha Dhagat
  • Fall Two Day-36 Hole 3rd Low Net

    Carol Delisio, Kimberly Reinhart
  • Fall Two Day-36 Hole 4th Low Net

    Sandy McKnight, Beth Szymczak
  • Fall Two Day-18 Hole 2nd Day Low Net

    Sue Doherty, Pam Lamagna
  • Vice President's Challenge Winners

    The "Away" team of players from clubs Allegheny through Nevillewood win the VP Challenge 27-21 held at Shannopin Country Club. Winners pose with the Stanley Cup!
  • Best Two of Four-Low Gross

    Mary Lou Gatewood, Sue Colton, Norma Efremenko, Anita Feldman
  • Best Two of Four-Low Net (127)

    Angel Venneri, Carolyn Kugler, Maribeth Arlia, Sally Bradford-Parees
  • Best Two of For-2nd Low Net

    Charlene Yourick, Saroj Khurana, Yvonne Lucas, Maria Jarrett
  • Best Two of Four-3rd Low Net (130)

    Rosalie Wisotzki, Sue Piterski, Trudi Feldman, Karen Fitting
  • First President's-Low Net/Crescent Moon Award

    Ann Vanzant
  • First President's-36 Hole Low Gross

    Jane Wymer
  • First President's-First Day Low Net

    Sue Colton
  • First President's-36 hole 2nd Low Net

    Mary Beth Morrissey
  • First President's-36 Hole 3rd Low Net

    Beth Szymczak
  • First President's-36 Hole 4th Low Net

    Kathy Kunschner
  • First President's-2nd Day Low Net

    Andrea Stiegel
  • First President's-2nd Day Low Gross

    Jessica Shaughnessy
  • Seniors-Low Gross

    Kathy Kunscher
  • Seniors-2nd Gross

    JoAnne Fleury
  • Seniors-Low Net

    Patty Kegel
  • Super Seniors-Low Gross

    Nancy Harned
  • Super Seniors-2nd Low Gross

    Colleen Adams
  • Super Seniors-3rd Low Gross

    JoAnne Weingard
  • Super Seniors-2nd Low Net

    Betty Grossheim
  • Super Seniors-3rd Low Net

    Corinne Lacich
  • Buck Cup - Low Net Winners

    Kathleen Dee and Dr. Stephanie Buck Dewar
  • Buck Cup-Low Net

    Kathleen Dee and Dr. Stephanie Buck Dewar
  • Buck Cup-Low Gross Winners

    Katie Miller and Ann Queale
  • Buck Cup-2nd Low Net

    Mary Ann Steinbock and Virginia Ley
  • Buck Cup-3rd Low Net

    Victoria McDevitt and Lynn McHolme
  • Buck Cup-4th Low Net

    Lei Lee Qian and Sue Piterski
  • Lehman Low Net Winners

    Corinne Lacich and Julie Bish
  • Lehman 2nd Low Net (137 on MOC)

    Victoria McDevitt and Hee Soo Kim
  • Lehman 3rd Low Net

    Nora Faller and Gaylen Westfall
  • Lehman 4th Low Net

    Joanne Fleury and Joanne Thurber
  • Lehman Low Gross Winners

    Colleen Adams and Norma Efremenko
  • Lehman Low Net 2nd Day

    Sandy McKnight and Carol Delisio
  • Mixed Better Ball at Chartiers-Low Gross

    Leslie Pavetto, Matt Dippold, Carol Ritchey and Joseph Lackner
  • Mixed Better Ball at Chartiers

  • Mixed Better Ball at Chartiers-Low Net

    Jack Fleury, Joanne Fleury, Jocelyn Thompson and Jeff Thompson
  • Mixed Better Ball at Chartiers-2nd Low Net

    Bruce Jasiewicz, Pam Jasiewicz, Diane Balliet and Barry Balliet
  • Mixed Better Ball at Chartiers-3rd Low Net

    Gary McKnight, Sandy McKnight, Carol Delisio and Anthony Delisio
  • Chapman- Low Gross (78)

    Leslie Pavetto and Nora Faller
  • Chapman-Low Net (62)

    Peggy DeMarco and Ruth Robshaw
  • Chapman-2nd Low Net

    Lisa Popovich and Susie Perrin
  • Chapman Candid

  • Chapman-3rd Low Net

    Patty Kegel and Carol Onufro
  • Barnes-Murphy Low Net Winner

    Lei Lee
  • Munroe-Boschert-Low Gross (76)

    Mary Pat Belch and Kathy Smith
  • Munroe-Boschert-2nd Low Gross (76)

    Colleen Adams and Sue Colton
  • Munroe-Boschert--3rd Low Gross

    Gayle Westfall and Nora Faller
  • Monroe Boschert--Low Net

    Lynne Arrington and Kathy Kunchner
  • WGAWP Champion-Kristen Obush

    Kristen accepts trophy from President Corinne Lacich
  • WGAWP Champion- Kristen Obush

  • WGAWP Champion- Kristen Obush

  • WGAWP Champion- Kristen Obush

  • Kristen Obush makes remarks after winning Championship

  • Championship Flight winner-Danielle Proctor

  • Flight One Winner-Hee Soo Kim

  • Flight One Runner-up-Rebecca George

  • Flight Two Winner-Karen Casper

  • Flight Two Runner-up- Julie Bish

  • Tournament Chairperson Christine Haythorn

  • Mixed Better Ball-Low Gross (69)

    Nicole Curran, Dave Curran
  • Mixed Better Ball-Low 2nd Gross (70)

    Colleen Adams, Alex Urrea
  • Mixed Better Ball- Low Net (62)

    Linda Costello, MarkTorgent
  • Mixed Better Ball-2nd Low Net (63)

    Susan McGalla, Stephen McGalla
  • Mixed Better Ball- 3rd Low Net (64)

    Michelle Pogozelec, Andrew Mankey
  • Mixed Better Ball- 4th Low Net (65)

    Sally Bradford-Parees, Tom Tutchko
  • One and One-Low Net

    134-Danielle Proctor, Carolyn Sabolick, Jacquelyn Fröhlivh, Smy Gierlak
  • One and One-2nd Low Net

    Claudette Graham, Beth Szymczak, Sally Sheerer, Kristen Obush
  • One and One-3rd Low Net

    Anita Feldman, Sue Colton, Colleen Adams, Norma Efremenko
  • One and One-4th Low Net

    Sharon Evans, JoAnn Weingard, Andrea Burke, Jessica Shaughnessy (absent from photo)
  • VIP Low Net Medallion-Angel Venneri

  • VIP 2nd Low Net-Sharon Evans

  • VIP 4th Low Net-Sandra Killinger

  • VIP Low Gross Medallion-Danielle Proctor

  • VIP 3rd Gross-Kat Katawczik

  • VIP 4th Low Gross-Nicolina Kelly

  • Spring 2-Day, 36 Hole Low Gross-Danielle Proctor

  • Spring 2-Day, 36 Hole 2nd Low Gross-Norma Efremenko

  • Spring 2-Day, 36 Hole 3rd Low Gross-Jessica Shaughnessy

  • Spring 2-Day Div 1 Low Net-Christine Flynn

  • Spring 2-Day, Div 1, 3rd Net-Mary Beth Morrissey

  • Spring2-Day, Div 1, 2nd Day Low Net-Julie McCormick

  • Spring 2-Day, Div 2 Low Net-Sandy McKnight

  • Spring 2-Day, Div 1, 2nd Low Net-Kim Reinhart

  • Spring 2-Day, Div 2, 3rd Low Net-Charlene Yourick

  • Spring 2-Day, Div 2, 2nd Day Low Net-Betty Grossheim

  • Spring 2-Day, Div 3 Low Net-Cathy Murphy

  • Spring 2-Day, Div 3, 2nd Low Net-Karen Wirth

  • Spring 2-Day, Div 3, 3rd Low Net-Alexis Heckman

  • Spring 2-Day, Div 3 2nd Day Low Net-Andrea Stiegel

  • Tag Hill Low Gross-Danielle Proctor

  • Triple Sixes-Low Net

  • Triple Sixes-2nd Low Net

  • Triple Sixes-3rd Low Net

  • Triple Sixes-Low Gross (140)

  • Nemacolin Scramble ~ 1st Low Net

  • Nemacolin Scramble ~ 2nd Low Net

  • Nemacolin Scramble ~ 3rd Low Net

  • Nemacolin Scramble ~ Low Gross