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Event Registration

2017 Event Registration

The 2017 Registration is slightly different than previous seasons.  Please read/review the information below.

Select the link below to register for any WGAWP event (tournaments and A Open Days) or any West Penn Golf Association Women's competition.

After getting to the site, use the "Season" drop down box and select "2017 Women's Events".  This gives you list of both the WGAWP and the West Penn Women's events.  If you only want to see the WGAWP sponsored events, use the "Member Program" drop down box and select "WGAWP".

Remember, that when you register and you appear on the Wait List, this means the event is oversubcribed.  The random selection of the field occurs after the event is closed.  You will be notified of your status.

To actually register for a WGAWP event, you must login (on left side of page) using your GHIN number for both your login and password.


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